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Graphic Guardians is a community for artists, icon makers, blinkie makers, writers, etc., who are concerned about theft and copyright protection.

Our community is here to help catch and STOP those thieves, whether it be someone stealing your OWN art, icon, blinkie, layout, web site layout, to seeing another well-known artist's work being stolen and used without regards to usage terms and/or copyright. This community is also to support each other. Rants are allowed and welcome, as long as they don't turn into flame wars with other members.

We will all work together to stop AND educate (hopefully) people about copyright, usage terms, etc.

There are a few simple rules to follow:

  • ○ Use the text in the box below to report suspected art theft and copyright violations. Make sure you use this every time you report something to keep the community consistent.

  • ○ DO NOT start a flame war with anyone in this community. Drama, bashing, flaming is a big NO-NO! After one warning, you are subject to being banned from this community!

  • ○ If you post art or a long rant, etc, please use the LJ cut, if you don't know how, just ask Dimitri or Vikki and they can show you how to use it. It saves our sanity and people's friends page!

  • ○ We would prefer that everyone start by contacting the thief first. If that does no good, move on to the next step of contacting their website host, then lastly their ISP

  • ○ Keep everyone informed of how things are going, when you/we go after a thief. If it is resolved PLEASE let the community know, so we can stop our efforts of getting them to remove the art, poetry, etc.

  • ○ IF the art is not your own, please contact the artist (if you know how) and let them know their art/poetry/story, etc. is being used. Make sure you STILL report it here, so we can all follow up.

  • ○ Do NOT go and spam the hell out of anyone's guest book or Live Journal, etc. This makes US look bad, we want to help out other artists, not hurt them!

  • ○ If in doubt about ANYTHING please post and ask us!

  • ○ This community is NOT for icons/blinkies/bases you made from someone else's resources without crediting the bases, etc. If you worked on animating text, etc. and you have given credit for your resources OR you are the original artist then by all means let us know and we will help you out.

  • ○ DO NOT post here bitching about someone "stealing" your icons, if you have used an artists work that you, yourself have not credited for, or if you have went against their usage terms. NOT a good thing.

  • ○ Keep a watch on this page for any updates to the rules!

Use this form below to report suspected theft:

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